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We use tools every day to reach our goals. Our tools offer you various levels of support. Right now most of our tools are for service proposals but we have some great tools in process for products proposals. Our GSA Proposal Guide also contains information for both service and product proposals.

Our sample proposals and templates support our clients who have a basic understanding of government contract. Our guidance package provides more support in case our clients need an extra boost. 

Not only will our tools help you create a winning GSA proposal, they can help throughout the entire life of your contract, from pre-award negotiations to contract management and modifications going forward. Click here for more information.

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Introduced in February is our premier services sample proposal.  You can now access a full sample proposal for services for a fraction of the cost of standard GSA Proposal Turnkey Services. Not only will you have access to a full sample proposal, but you will be able to purchase different parts of the proposal so that you won't have to buy the parts you've already created.

Schedule time to meet with one of our Consultants. We're offering our DIY GSA clients who have purchased the GSA Proposal Guide a discounted rate of $70 per hour which is $25 off our standard rate of $95 per hour, purchased in blocks of 30 minutes. Take advantage of this rate and ask all the questions you have about your GSA proposal.

When your contract specialist or contract officer is ready to negotiate your contract terms, let us know. We'll review your submitted documentation and guide you through the negotiation strategies that GSA may employ. We'll even join you on the call if needed to ensure that you get the best rates possible for your GSA Schedule.

Have you already been awarded a GSA Schedule Contract? Congratulations! If you find you need assistance with administration efforts including reports, IFF payments, modifications, mass modifications or even marketing research and strategies, we're here for you! We've been at this for more than 20 years, and we want to teach you what we know!


DIY GSA has been created to complement the services provided by GSA Proposal Help. We are led by Tracie Grant, a well-known GSA Consultant who works with companies nationwide. 

We are a group of professionals who understand the GSA proposal process, GSA contract negotiation, GSA marketing research, and GSA contract administration. Our team of consultants, researchers, project coordinators and writers have worked on hundreds of GSA proposals and contracts and we want to help you win your GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract and succeed in accessing the billions of dollars that go through the schedule ever year. 


Our focus is different than most GSA consulting firms. We want to capture your entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude and show you how you can complete your own GSA proposal. It is a difficult endeavor, but we know there are companies out there who have the ability to work through the process with guidance and who don't have $5,000 or $10,000 in their budgets for a full turn-key proposal. 



Our focus is on providing you the tools you need to be able to learn how to create all the GSA proposal elements so you can win your GSA Schedule Contract and then provide you the tools you need to succeed with that contract.

We are building a library of sample documents, templates, and instructional videos to help you know what you need to do and how to do it. Of course, as soon as we get everything ready to upload, GSA seems to change things, but we're getting close to having a full library. In the meantime, you can check our our GSA Proposal Guide which is available at or visit our shopping site at GSA Proposal Help.  



Would you spend $200 to save $5,000? Our GSA Proposal Guide lays out exactly what you need to do to complete a winning GSA proposal. It's the same Guide we use with our clients, in our workshops and with our webinars. You will find sample documents/templates, proposal requirement matrices and our six-step process to helping you complete that proposal on your own. For those of you who have written other government proposals, this Guide may be all you need. Our dream is that our clients will be able to draft their proposals on their own and then send them to us for review and guidance and then be able to submit a winning proposal. We're so committed to our dream that if you buy the Guide, draft your proposal and then buy a proposal review, we'll credit you the price you paid for the Guide and put that credit towards the cost of the proposal review. 


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