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With the past performance questionnaires, can I use two different contracts for the same customer? 


We have seen GSA reject proposals when you don't have three completely different customer references even though the solicitation does not contain language restricting this. The language is "... must be associated with three (3) distinct orders and/or contracts and the work referenced must have been
completed within three (3) years of the date of offer submission."

If you can find three, please do. It is risky to use the same customer for multiple references.

How many labor categories can I offer?

Theoretically, it's as many as you have invoiced in the last year or two, but if you have a small staff, GSA may restrict you to three or four labor categories per full-time staff member. If there are only three staff members, you may be restricted to 12 or fewer labor categories.

Can I just submit my taxes instead of creating a balance sheet and income statement?

No. Short answer, and GSA means it. :) 


Based on the DIY GSA 30-Day Workbook


Day One - When creating your master files for your GSA Proposal, set them up so that you will be able to find them 5, 10, 15, or 20 years from now as that is how long your contract can go.

Day Two - For proposal guidance, see pages 2-21 of the Refresh 13 Solicitation (pdf pages 8-27).

Day Three - While you may want to put everything you CAN do or sell on the schedule, remember that for non-TDR contracts, you have to prove what you HAVE sold, so limit your products or services to those you can prove you have sold in the last couple of years.

Day Four - Use GSA's MAS Available Offerings Refresh 13 document to or the GSA eLibrary to see what SINs are available.

Day Five - If you have CPARs, use them for your past performance. If you don't, prepare three clients to receive and return questionnaires and serve as references for you.

Day Six - Find your large category document and review each SIN to find the NAICS code you need. Verify that you have it in your registration when you download your records.

Day Seven - If you can't make the SSQ work for you, watch our reference video on YouTube.

Day Eight - When you create your commercial or commercial market price list, create it based on what you have been selling, not what you want to sell. 

Day Nine - Use your proposal tracker to create deadlines so your don't let the project slip.

Day Ten - Super easy day. Follow the instructions in your GSA Proposal Guide or 30-day Workbook.

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