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Why We're Here

DIY GSA has been created to give those companies who want to learn about the GSA proposal process and complete their own proposal. 

We are a team of professionals who understand the GSA proposal process, GSA contract negotiation, GSA marketing research, and GSA contract administration. Our team of consultants, researchers, project coordinators and writers have worked on hundreds of GSA proposals and contracts and we want to help you win your GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract and succeed in accessing the billions of dollars that go through the schedule ever year.


Though begun in the Salt Lake City business hub, we are currently headquartered within an hour drive of Grand Teton National Park with 90 minutes to Yellowstone Park or Jackson Hole (hence the background pictures on this page), and with team members located worldwide, we work as a virtual team with clients throughout the United States and Canada. 


Our focus is different than most GSA consulting firms. We want to capture your entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude and show you how you can complete your own GSA proposal. It is a difficult endeavor, but we know there are companies out there who have the ability to work through the process with guidance and who don't have $5,000 or $15,000 in their budgets for a full turn-key proposal. 

Our Quality Guarantee

We have worked hard to provide relevant and accurate documents to guide you through the GSA Proposal Process. If you find something that doesn't jive, let us know and we'll address it. If you need some guidance through the process, we offer webinars and videos to help you through. We also offer live webinars that focus on different proposal attributes and where we have time set aside for specific Q&As. While we can't guarantee that GSA will accept your proposal, we will give you every tool we use to help you win! If you find that you can't implement our tools by yourself and require turn-key proposal assistance, we will apply the monies paid for our tools directly to the cost of turn-key proposal writing services.

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