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DIY Proposal Guide

30-Day GSA Proposal Workbook

GSA Marketing & Admin Guide

Guidance to the new GSA MAS consolidated schedule solicitation - includes sample documents and checklists.

A Day-by-Day guide for every activity you need to complete your GSA Proposal within 30 days. Combine it with webinars or on-demand workshops to help you write your owning winning GSA proposal.

A guide to help you succeed with your GSA MAS Contract. Includes a sample timeline for your base to help you understand what may happen during the base period of your contract.

Click on the Guide or Workbook for a preview.

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Sample Documents

Need just a few sample documents. Choose from the ad hoc list below:

Ad Hoc Document Bundle - $375

    (Quality Control, Corporate Experience, Compensation Plan, Uncompensated Overtime Policy,     

     Economic Price Adjustment Mechanism, Project Experience)

Sample Quality Control Plan - $95

Sample Professional Compensation Plan - $150

Sample Corporate Experience Document - $95

    (All Sections - Corporate Experience, Brief History, Organizational and Accounting Controls, Resources,

     Marketing Plan, Use of Subcontractors)

Sample Uncompensated Overtime Policy - $50

Sample Economic Adjustment Mechanism - $60

Sample Project Experience - $150

Sample Price Proposal Template Services - $150

Sample Price Proposal Template Products - $150

While no refunds are available for digital products, if you find that you need more than just a sample document to help you complete your GSA Proposal, give us a call and we can apply the monies spent on sample documents towards a full Sample Proposal Kit with Templates or the full DIY Proposal Kit.

DIY GSA Full Proposal Kit

We are changing the way companies win GSA Schedules, saving you thousands of dollars while demystifying the process with our Full Proposal Kit. The kit includes live instruction, asynchronous video instruction, the GSA Proposal Guide, our 30-day Workbook, and one-on-one consulting.


Get access to:

  • GSA Proposal Guide

  • DIY GSA 30-Day Workbook

  • Full Sample Proposal with Templates

  • Daily Asynchronous Video Instruction

  • Live Instructional Webinars on Tuesdays

Use the tool how it works for you. You could be the kind of person who buys the kit, follows the instructions, and gets it done all by yourself, or you could join us every Tuesday for instruction and guidance, or use a combination of all the tools. This kit & workshop contain everything you need to put together a winning GSA proposal. Our GSA Proposal Guide will help you understand the program. Our 30-Day Proposal Workbook will help you schedule every activity you must complete. Our on-demand and live instruction can help you address specific questions you may have.

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Sample Documents
Sample Proposal.png

Sample Proposals Include:


  • GSA Templates

  • DIY GSA Proposal Tracker

  • Sample Documents

  • Relevant Solicitation Documents

All our sample documents are created based on proposals we have submitted to GSA and which GSA has accepted. They comply with GSA's current version of the solicitation.
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Send us your proposal and we'll review the entire thing with the same review tool used by GSA. We'll let you know what you may be missing or what you need to change and send your proposal back. Then we'll meet with you one-on-one and go through the feedback. You update your proposal and send it back to us for a final review. 

Or, if you're looking to save money, take advantage of our on-demand proposal review workshop. Click here for more information.

GSA Marketing and Administration Guide

Coming the 2nd Quarter of 2022 so long as GSA doesn't redesign the Vendor Support Center or do a major refresh of the solicitation!

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While we can't guarantee that GSA will accept your proposal, we can offer you every tool we use to help you win. If you find that you can't implement our tools by yourself and require turn-key proposal assistance, we will apply the monies paid for our tools directly to the cost of turn-key proposal writing services.

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