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DIY GSA 30-Day Proposal Kit & Workshop

  • 90Days
  • 29Steps


Contains digital copies of the GSA Proposal Guide, the DIY GSA 30-Day Workbook, and videos for each day of the 30-day proposal creating period. Within the GSA Proposal Guide and the 30-Day Workbook, there are sample documents and templates for most of the documents you will need to create. This does not contain editable sample documents or templates. To access those materials, you will need to purchase the Sample Proposal Workshop. Also included is a services proposal review document and the GSA Proposal Tracker. No refunds or returns are available for digital products. Products are for personal business use only and cannot be purchased by GSA Consultants or organizations that provide such services. Purchase does not provide license for use outside the purchasing organization. Violations of the above may result in a $5,000 fee levied at the sole discretion of DIY GSA.

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